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Accuracy is essential to the mapmaking process. To keep you on course, HERE deploys a fleet of mapping vehicles equipped with motion sensors, 360-degree cameras, and laser light radar (LiDAR). This technology, combined with satellite and aerial imagery, enables HERE to turn massive amounts of data into highly accurate maps.

Mapping Our Ever
Here Keeps You On Course

HERE Keeps You On Course

With advanced technology and 30 years of mapmaking experience, HERE keeps your navigation system optimized with annual map updates. The data included in each map update is essential to all types of travel, from daily commutes to extended road trips.

Over the past year, the following were added or modified in North and South America:

road icon

2.5 million km of roads

street name

676,483 street names

speed limits

307,684 speed limits

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Map updates improve the accuracy of your navigation system and can help you drive with greater efficiency. Update and optimize your driving experience today!

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